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Services PBI LLC provides: (All classes and support groups are in person or remote)

Brain Chat Brain Injury Support Group Meets

Brain Chat Brain Injury Support Group Meets weekly on Tuesday, 10 am – 1130 am virtually, this group is open to all who want to support each other during this period of COVID19 and show solidarity for all brain injury survivors throughout Colorado and those with other disabilities. Special guest from comedians, musicians and advocates have supported this group.



What is "Brain Busters!?" Brain Busters! is a group of survivors of brain injury and/or those thriving with headache health issues. We will be coming together virtually at least two times per month beginning in January, 2022 to play Jack Box Games. (jackboxgames.com)   If you are interested in joining Brain Busters! please complete the google form  below to provide feedback on preferred, recurring dates and times, and be added to the Brain Busters! email list. 

Creative Writing Group

Creative Writing meets 2nd & 4th Monday of each month at 2 pm in person at the Center Toward Self-Reliance at 901 West 8th Street Pueblo CO 81003 & virtually.

A place to express your thoughts, feelings and emotions through writing with other brain injury survivors.

Art with peers

Art/Crafts meets 1st & 3rd Monday of each month at 2 pm in person at the Center Towards Self-Reliance 901 West 8th Street Pueblo CO 81003.

Enhance your brain by building your social skills and forming friendship while you experience art and crafts.

Game Day

Game Day - Meets weekly on Thursday 10 am - 1130 am virtually Game Day is a time for socializing, laughter and allowing one to challenge themselves to various virtual online games that will assist individual abilities. Open to caregivers, family and friends.

Peer Support

Pueblo Brain Injury Support Group meets every Monday at 1 pm in person the Center Toward Self-Reliance located at 901 West 8th Street Pueblo CO 81003.

This group is open to all brain injury survivors, improving your self knowledge and developing peer support. You can also join virtually.

Mending Minds

Women's Support Group Mending Minds is a safe place for women of all ages and backgrounds, who are survivors of brain injury, and those living with migraine disease, or any other neurological conditions, to share with one another and find strength from shared experiences.

Mending Minds meets virtually the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the Month @ 5 PM MST This group is brought to you by Pueblo Brain Injury, LLC and Lit-Up My Mind, LLC

Join Us Here:
Zoom Link: bit.ly/3wk7ILH
Meeting ID: 819 7018 0963 Passcode: 7346

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What our members are saying

This group has been wonderful. It has gotten me out of the house (to other places than the doctors) I have made a bunch of friends here, and even gotten out into the community more.
Jaron B.
I have only bean to 2 meetings and I afire this group! I survived a subarchanoid brain hemorrhage in 2013 and I hVe come a long way. I am now epileptic and happy to report I have been seizure free since July 19th. I am a warrior and I promise to never give up. Everyday is a new beginning, I no linger take my life girl granted!
Shay C.