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PBI's Mission is to

Today the mission is to continue to advocate, educate, strengthen survivors to support each other’s as peers, spread awareness of brain injury in southern region of Colorado as well as support other brain injury communities in Colorado.

Meet Maria

Maria Martinez

Maria was the first in her family to graduate from a university, became an educator in art education and English as Second Language. Worked in the field of domestic violence, substance abuse and eventually retired from Colorado Department of Corrections 2010 after a stroke. Maria was in Motorcycle accident in 2007 sustained a brain injury Maria had complications with memory, balance, sequencing and anger. She realized where she  lived had an impact on her recovery. She traveled to Denver and connected with the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado (BIAC) attending classes, workshops and events that were provided to those impacted by a brain injury. Maria became involved with a local brain injury support group, eventually a support group leader, today an advocate for brain injury survivors, a member of the Brain Injury Advisory Board since 2019 with MINDSOURCE Brain Injury Network. In 2019 Pueblo Brain Injury LLC was created to advocate for all brain injuries, provide education, workshops and activities for brain injury survivors, caregivers and providers. Survivors are encouraged to develop skills through activities, community programs and peer support no matter the community.

Our Core Beliefs

Pueblo Brain Injury, LLC

What our members are saying

This group has been wonderful. It has gotten me out of the house (to other places than the doctors) I have made a bunch of friends here, and even gotten out into the community more.
Jaron B.
I have only bean to 2 meetings and I afire this group! I survived a subarchanoid brain hemorrhage in 2013 and I hVe come a long way. I am now epileptic and happy to report I have been seizure free since July 19th. I am a warrior and I promise to never give up. Everyday is a new beginning, I no linger take my life girl granted!
Shay C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, caregivers, family, friends, providers.

Yes, with referrals and resources.

Some activities may require a fee such as events outside Pueblo County as well as fees not covered by activity.

Yes, with referrals, resources.